SQLBits.io short links

This repo will create sqlbits.io shortlinks

You can see the existing short links here https://sqlbits.io/whatdowehave

How to create a new short link for sqlbits.io in the browser

To create a new short link, you need to create a new file in the root of this repository.

use the Add file button here


The name of the file needs to be the shortlink and the extension needs to be md.

So if you want to create


you create a new file called darren.md, the picture below creates one called meettheteam.md


In that file you put the following including the --- formatted exactly like this. You can use the image to copy it. It will only show when you hover over the above code

layout: redirected
sitemap: false
  -  # This is where it will be redirected  - must be a complete url and a space after the -
permalink: /darren # this is the shortlink that we will create the / is required - MUST MATCH the name of the file amd a space after the :

You then add the URL of the webpage you are redirecting to after the single - and the name of the shortlink including the / after the permalink: There is a single space required before the URL and before the /

The file will look like this


To save it you scroll down and click the commit new file button.


Then you wait for hte action to do its thing


Once the top one is green


Then you test it before sharing it!!